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Advice for relationship

Wed Dec 01, 2010 6:24 am by sp005

When you are angry or deeply hurt, you may blow small problems out of proportion. Just as love sometimes clouds our objectivity, hurt and anger have a similar effect too. You may be tempted to ask a friend or a close relative to interfere or ďmake the other person see the sense of your argumentĒ, but remember this approach can easily backfire as friends and relatives may not be objective and biased towards you. Itís therefore advisable to seek relationship counseling if both you and your partner are open to the idea. You may feel hesitant about confiding in a stranger, but remember a counselor is not just a stranger but a trained therapist. Just like you go to a doctor to treat an illness, you can visit a relationship counselor to treat your ailing The Relationship Company


The Relationship Company

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Have A Solid Friendship.

Wed Sep 29, 2010 2:07 am by Bgeorge

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HitFix Interview: 'Dollhouse' star Enver Gjokaj talks 'Previously on Point Dume'

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Way to go HitFix Interview: 'Dollhouse' star Enver Gjokaj talks 'Previously on Point Dume'

Post by ivyivy on Wed Mar 24, 2010 2:01 am

While "Dollhouse" began life as a vehicle for star and producer Eliza Dushku, one of the supporting players who immediately drew the notice exactly.Californication DVDs,I like La Femme Nikita DVDandSix Feet Under DVD season very much, if you like Transformers DVD Box set
or Californication DVD Box setor Ally McBeal DVD box setyou can buy it on the internet.
of fans was Enver Gjokaj.

As Gjokaj kept showcasing his versatility -- one week he was Russian, the next week British, the next week he became co-star Reed Diamond -- his Victor seemed to get more and more screentime. Eventually, Victor's relationship with DichenThe tv serisesMonk DVD Box Set and the
Mad Men DVD Seasonare also very good, I hope you like it.

Lachman's Sierra became a key part of the show's emotional core.

When the Joss Whedon drama The Two and a half men DVD is very good.. if you Charmed DVD want to buy one tree hill dvd it is a good prison break dvd place to buy it The L Word dvd on our websiteended its truncated two-season run this winter, fans immediately started waiting for Gjokaj to land a pilot role. So far, that wait continues, but Gjokaj's next project will make its online debut next week.

Titled "Previously on Point Dume," it's a tongue-in-cheek webseries built around recap clips from a non-existent supernatural soap opera. Gjokaj is one of the producers (and creators and directors and writers) on the project and also co-stars as dreamy gardener Ron. The clips are tremendously amusing and it's no surprise that "Previously on Point Dume" will have its debut on on Monday.

HitFix caught up with Gjokaj Our items are Supernatural DVD very good Lost dvds it is a good choice for you Walt Disney 100 Years Of Magic (164 Discs) for e example the Doctor Who dvds this week, fresh off of shooting a guest turn on FOX's "Lie to Me," to discuss "Previously on Point Dume," as well as other future prospects...

Full interview after the break...

HitFix: What was the genesis of "Previously on Point Dume"?

Enver Gjokaj: Basically, I've been working with these guys from New York, pretty much we do something every year just to stay busy. They're other actors and writers and friends of mine. We've been doing it pretty consistently,Criminal Minds dvd and La Femme Nikita DVDs all are good items Dexter dvd season,welcome you come to our website to have a look.if you are a tv fan. Then it is a good news for you, bencanse you can see many
Glee series dvd tv shous on our website.
Dollhouse seasons dvd this tv show is just one of them,
but it's mostly been theater and we put something together. We had a male a cappella boy band one year that we did something, then "Glee" came out and we immediately stopped doing that. We've been creating our own work for a while, but this was the first year we decided, "Well let's just do something and film it." And this has been the result.

HitFix: How much have you shot so far and how much are you hoping to shoot?

EG: Well, this is the promo episode. This is an episode recap promo, but they all will be. The show is pretty much episode recaps in structure, as a conceit, of a show that doesn't really exist. We're doing episode recaps of a show that doesn't exist, of a supernatural soap opera. We're thinking of it as "Lost" meets "Clue," although a lot of people I've talked to don't know what "Clue" is, which is a shame. If this all goes well, we'll be able to get to shooting the next four pretty quickly. We just want to see what people thought of it and what kind of structure we want to go ahead with. But this is about it. What you see is JAG dvd collection next I will introduce more and more tv shows for you ,for example, the
Homicide: Life on the Street dvd box set and the
Rome dvd box set are very good tv shows , I hope you can get more and more tv shows from our help.Get Smart series dvd is a also a good tv serise. Hope you can get more and more fun from our about what it's gonna be.

One of the things that we're playing off of is the humor of something like "Lost," where nothing ever gets solved and it's constantly a new mystery and things are never, ever wrapping up. So in these recaps, we do tend to continuously be wild and never actually end the stories and just constantly complicate things forever. It has a "When will it f***ingwe are waiting for you visit. Thank you for your
The Vampire Diaries series dvd tv show is very good . the dvd on the dvdsetcollection merlin dvd box set is very good. If you want
end?" kind of quality to it, right? That's one of the things that we're satirizing.

HitFix: But if people tune in for every episode, will there be plotlines that progress through the recaps?

EG: That's why I say "Lost" meets "Clue." It's all the same characters -- The Prodigal, The Gypsy Gardener, the Bastard Tycoon -- these archetypes always stays the same and then it's like your basic soap soap structure, with these same people and these insane things happen to them. Another way of saying where the genesis comes from for this is that I love soaps. I think soaps are absolutely hilarious and I always have, but the plots kinda of suck. If you can do anything, if you can kill somebody and bring them back as their twin brother or something like that, well you can do so much more with a soap than what people do with get smart series dvd to know more about our get smart series dvd products you can visit our website buffy the vampire slayer box set the tv show I will satisfy you very much. them. They tend to be about incest and paternity issues and stuff like that. We're just taking a soap and making it much better, in our opinion. As soaps go, they have their archetypes and constant intrigue and love triangles and those things. We wanted to jump into that world and just have fun in this world.

HitFix: "Point Dume," the show you're recapping, in your mind is it it a good show or is it the worst show ever?

EG: We love "Point Dume," actually. We think "Point Dume" is great, because we love shows like "Dark Shadows" and there's a lot of shows out there that we love. And I love melodrama. If you look at a soap opera, people think soap operas are bad because the acting is bad, but it's not true. The acting in a lot of soap operas is really, really good. The problem is that the lines are really f***ing awful. Right? It's just so insane what they're saying, so that's the tension and the humor in a soap opera for me. These actors have to Rome DVD TV show is perfect.really, really sell the most insane situations. And we went to that on this. If you watch it, the tone is very straight-forward. We all felt like the stuff we saw on the Internet was very over-the-top and spoofy, with a lot of fake wigs and that kind of stuff. We wanted to see what would happen if we just played something insane straight. So this is our little experiment, with "Point Dume" TheTwo and a half men DVD is an excellent comedy season。While Boston Legal DVD tv show is worth watching. Watching House MD DVDis a good relaxation, Best NCIS DVD is on sale. Most watched Charmed DVD is on special promotion. Buy one tree hill dvd is a wise decision. This Medium DVD is much cheaper than its previous version. The Apprentice DVD is the best seller of many see how it works out.

HitFix: What's the budget here and how was it financed? How lean is the production?

EG: We had to spend a little bit of money on it, but it's very close to zero dollars. We certainly spent under a thousand dollars on it. But, having said that, we used a lot of volunteer work so going forward we're going to have toone tree hill dvd season is great joy on raining days.If you have bought prison break dvd tv shows, please try The Shield DVD Season, it will never let you down.I love to watchThe L Word dvd andSupernatural DVD, both are great shows. The most well known Bones DVD Season is available at If you havenít watched The Sopranos complete dvd tv show, find somebody who can finance, because there was a lot of work in this that people were nice enough to donate.

HitFix: What key lessons have you already learned in your short time as a producer?

EG: One of the reasons I did this is that I was really inspired by Joss [Whedon] and then later Felicia [Day] working with them on "Dollhouse." They're really ahead of the ball. This something I'm doing in-between projects, obviously. I've got a movie coming out, "Stone," in which I play a younger version of Robert De Niro. That's my acting life and that's the main the thing. But to be doing something on the side that I'm in control of and that I don't have to ask anybody's permission if I can act or if I can be creative, it's really huge. Being in control of the process, this is really the first time that the technology has allowed an actor to be in control of their process, even if it's something as small and silly as "Point Dume." I really think that's the future. I'm not saying that "Point Dume" is the future, but I'm saying that the future of young artists, of actors and writers and all of that, nobody's going to be able to just be one thing anymore. I really don't think so. I think the future is that people are going to have to have to do everything if they want to really push themselves forward. So doing this, producing this on an infinitely small scale, I can't even even tell you how many things I've learned toward that end.

HitFix: Did you pick Joss and Felicia's brains on how to go about doing this sort of project?

EG: No. I'm hoping that they'll like it, but more than anything that the fans will like it. Whenever you put something out there, you're very nervous. No, Joss has got a lot of things going on. Let me put it this way, if it were you and you were writing something to show to Joss Whedon... You know what I mean? Would you want the feedback, or might you be scared? He's so good at what he does. I've got to say that I was a little nervous about share this with him. But having said that, I'm really proud of what we were able to do together. In the end you've got to make something for yourself and this made us laugh. In the end, this represents something that we think is amusing.

HitFix: What's the plan for getting this out there and getting people to see it?

EG: We just found out that we have a Funny Or Die exclusive starting on Monday, so starting on Monday we're on Funny Or Die. And I'm spreading the word myself, really just a means of getting it out in the channels of people who might even care. If the fans like it, then that would be phenomenal. If not? It's not the end of anybody's career. But I did want to see if I could get it out on the Interwebs and at least give people the option, to show people what I've been up to in my spare time. It's very important to me as an artist to be constantly working. I go insane when I don't work, so this is something I do, I've always done in my spare time, to always stay busy, always be creating. So this is my latest thing and I Lost dvds? Itís cheap and great. And las vegas dvd series is another must have collection.My Christmas gift to my friend aremarried with children dvd and The Simpsons dvds,think maybe the fans will like to see it.

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